Workout Plan

Here. we. go.

I am officially on Day 4 of my goal to work out (in some way) every day for 30 days. Walking the dogs does not count but I am still doing it.

I used the Body Fat Calculator and as of Sunday had 30% body weight. Ouch.

I did the Tracy Anderson Mat workout today for the first time. It was different. Unlike any other workout I have ever done. Very dance inspired which made it more fun. The reviews were right though...she makes these weird faces trying to be sexy. I can get over that though.

Monday: 2.5 mile run (my first one since the Derby Half Marathon/knee injury)
Tuesday: Jillian Level 1 30 day shred/3 mile walk with dogs
Wednesday: 2.75 mile run
Thursday: Tracy Anderson Mat workout (possible dog walk later this evening)

My Plan for Friday is ambitious--Jillian and Power Yoga class followed by a much needed massage and visit with my favorite chiropractor :)

Can't wait for the weekend...celebrating a birthday here:

and here: maybe the patio doesn't look exactly like that. Get over will be really close once that retaining walls are put in :)

Headed to work...anticipating lots of sore muscles tomorrow.


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