Falling off the Wagon

Well, I am officially on Day 9 of the Shred. As of tomorrow I will have completed one third of the program. I have a confession to make....I didn't do the video on Saturday due to an unexpected opportunity to go shopping but I did take the dog on a long walk and got back on the wagon Sunday. I don't intend to let it happen again :(

I am happy to say I am no longer sore but I still get very shaky during the workout and it definitely hasn't gotten any easier. The push-ups still make me scream and the last circuit requires side squats that elicit grunting sounds that can probably only be compared to giving birth. Sorry, that's just the ugly truth.

I weighed myself Sunday and have lost 1.2 pounds. It was registering a 3.0 pound loss on Friday but then happy hour came and so did the inability to resist the temptation of fried food and cocktails.

I indulged in a hefty breakfast sandwich on Saturday morning at the coffee shop and then in thai food for dinner last night. Roasted Duck Noodle Soup...yummmm.

Doing better today....a green monster for breakfast and the leftovers of the noodle soup for lunch. Plus a few pita chips with red pepper hummus thrown in there and a Forest Berry Honest Tea.

21 more days to go!


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