Bay Window Crisis I found a solution. It seems that it is not an easy task to dress a bay window. But I feel mine looks a bit naked so I have finally completed my search with a Bay Window Curtain Rod I found on was more than I hoped to pay but works perfectly in the window. I searched at both Home Depot and Lowes and asked staff for their guidance but they had never heard of a rod specifically designed for a bay window and suggested plantation shutters or three separate rods.

I purchased the three separate rods and came to the conclusion that the effort to get them hung at the exact same heighth combined with the price of the corner connectors ($15) would be about equal to the price of the Bay Window Rod.

Here is the finished product. I already had the curtains (made painstakingly by Mom) so wanted to make sure I used them in the new place.

Here is the curtain rod I purchased:

Here are some additional photos for inspiration:

I will post pictures of my own window in just a few :)

Happy Sunday!


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